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Extern : Instructions: Accepting an invitation

Extern : Instructions: Accepting an invitation

1.       Click the “Accept link” near the end of the English text:

 Invitation e-mail

2.       In order to log on to the Digital Learning and Working Environment (DLWO) or "MijnHvA" of the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam (HvA) it is not necessary to maintain yet another account, you can just use your own Microsoft or Google account to authenticate. In this example we will use the “Microsoft Account” option.

 Sign in selection

3.       Authenticate with your Microsoft Account (Live, Hotmail, Outlook).

4.       You will be redirected to the following screen, with the email address field automatically populated with your email address:


5.       Please fill in your full name in the “Display name” field, e.g. “Jan van der Zee”, read the Terms of use and accept them. Click the “Next”button and click the “Accept” button in the next screen. In the real screen you will see who has invited you and what site you have been invited to.

accept invitation page

6.       Next you will be redirected to the site and you will see your Display name in the upper-right corner of your screen:

7.       Right after completing this process of Acceptance, the First Use Wizard will automatically open, in which one needs to confirm being a Guest. From this moment on one has access to the site(s) one was invited to.

Thanks and good luck!